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Hot Bent Glass

It is a curved glass made of high-quality flat glass (normal, colorful glaze, sunlight control coating, etc.) heated and softened in a mold, and then annealed. The hot-bent glass has a variety and rich shapes.

Cold-formed glass

Cold-formed glass is mainly used in conjunction with the construction process of cold-formed arc glass curtain wall. It uses the certain elasticity of flat glass itself, uses mechanical means to fix the glass on the curved frame, and uses the distortion of the glass within the allowable range of stress. To achieve the curved surface effect, due to the long production cycle of the hot-bent glass, the production cost is large, and the transportation and hoisting are difficult. Through the cold-bent glass installation process, the production cycle can be effectively shortened, the production cost can be saved, and the transportation and hoisting are simple and convenient.

Curved full tempered glass

Bent tempered glass means that the glass is heated to near the softening temperature in the heating section of the special tempering equipment, and then transferred to the wind grid section. The glass is adjusted by the arc of the wind grid or formed with the aid of rollers, and it is quickly and evenly cooled after molding. The conventional products are single-radius bends, precise arcs, and smooth curves to maximize the designer's design requirements for the streamlined shape of the building.

Multi-curved heat-reinforced glass

In the special tempering equipment for multi-curve heat-strengthened glass, two or more upward and downward arcs of the glass are changed according to the requirements, so as to better meet the requirements of design aesthetics and functionality. Multi-curved glass is mostly used in landscape architecture, glass domes, art venues, exhibition halls, resort hotels, etc., so that the architectural modeling emphasizes the combination with the environment and regional culture, and the building shape is more and more beautiful and personalized.

Heat curved Laminated Glass
Heat curved Laminated Glass

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