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Tokyu Plaza, Japan

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Architect: Nikken Sekkei Site: Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan Team: Taro Nakamoto + Takayuki Sakamoto + Ryo Hatano + Seiji Yamada + Atsuhiko Amakasu / Nikken Sekkei Building area: 50.093 square meters Item Year: 2016
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Tokyu Plaza Ginza (Tokyu Plaza Ginza) is a large commercial building of 50,000 square meters, located in Ginza, the most famous commercial street in Japan. This building is located at the junction of Yurakucho and Hibiya district. It is called "Ginza Gate". It is adjacent to the busy Sukiyabashi Crossing (Sukiyabashi Crossing) and is surrounded by traffic arteries. This department store occupies a complete block, and this rarely happens in Ginza's high land area.

Ground floor plan

Based on the concept of the "Ship of Light" and inspired by the traditional Japanese glass cutting craft "Edo Kiriko", the building was built as a "glass boat". In order to enhance the interaction between the building and the city, the outer wall of the building is mainly composed of glass, which can show the internal trends of the building to the outside, and at the same time give the interior a sense of urban participation. Sunlight shines on the three-dimensional facade, which will project and reflect different light and shadow effects. The facade will produce various effects with the change of time and weather, and the surrounding buildings and landscape will be reflected on the glass. On board, the whole building blends naturally into the urban atmosphere of Ginza.

Facade with urban effect

The façade of Ginza Tokyu Plaza is composed of three-dimensional glass surfaces, which produce subtle reflection and transmission phenomena, which can also be said to reflect the indoor commercial atmosphere, the dynamic atmosphere around the building, and the urban scene. The facade recombines various urban elements to form a unique urban phenomenon. SSG technology hides the glass frame, the effect is like the carved glass texture on the surface of Edo Kiriko. The large 3D diamond pattern on the facade is 6 stories high and 0.5 meters thick. This large-scale exterior decoration makes the building from the surrounding environment stand out. The glass components that strengthen the three-dimensional contour of the building are made of low-iron glass and heat-reflective coated glass, and the low-iron glass plate is processed with a ceramic dot pattern with a gradient density of 1 mm. At night, the entire facade will be illuminated by lights in the internal aluminum mullions.

Overhead public space

KIRIKO LOUNGE is a public space located in the middle of the building. It is 7 meters above the sky. Not only can it carry out a wealth of commercial activities, it is also an excellent place to enjoy the beautiful view of Tokyo city, and it can also overlook the busy Sukiya Bridge intersection.

Given the high density of Ginza and extremely limited space, such an open and high-rise space provides people with opportunities to gather and socialize. The close connection between the architecture and the urban environment adds to the attractiveness of Tokyo. Through the three-dimensional interaction with the urban space, a new way of activity will be produced, not limited to the site itself, but the entire urban landscape as the background of the activity .

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